Silkie Bantams -- Any Color -- DNA List

Silkie Bantams -- Any Color -- DNA List


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An order for the Silkies here just puts you on the list for a DNA sexed girl.  Once I get the results, I will contact people in the same order to let you pick your girl.  I typically test various ages.  If you do not like any of the girls available, you can be put on the next test results list, and will be higher up.  There is no charge to place an order here.  It just puts you on my list :)

Silkies are some of the sweetest and softest chickies available.  These are cute little bantam chickies that come in a variety of colors including buff, black, white, red, partridge, blue and splash.  We usually always have silkies on hand, because they are favorites of everyone in the family.  They are very lovable, and enjoy being held and played with.  They make sweet little clicking noises, unlike other breeds of hens and are soothing to listen to.  Instead of feathers, they have fur, which adds a lot of cuddleness to them.  We have both bearded and non bearded, crested and none.  When they are little, it is hard to tell what they will have when older.  

Add some silkies to your flock today, and enjoy their sweetness!  

Silkies tend to go broody a lot, as they love being mothers.  They lay about 100 eggs per year on the small to medium side, cream colored.