Cochin STANDARDS --Gold Laced Color -- Available Now

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Sex: Female

Age (weeks): 0-2

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Looking for a super cute, super friendly bird, you can't go wrong with Cochins.  They are super soft and very friendly.  These Cochins are STANDARDS, so they are larger than the bantam cochins and can easily fit in with a flock of standard sized chickies.  They like to be kept clean and don't mind a warm bubble bath and blow dry.  They like to sit on your lap, and be stroked...and with their soft feathers, it is a nice way to spend the day.

Cochins are really tame, very nice soft birds.  Even the roosters for the most part.  If you want a really soft, sweet bird for your flock, add a Cochin.  

We currently carry several colors of Standard cochins including barred, blue, splash, buff, black, gold laced, partridge, silver laced and white. 

The minimum to order is 3 per color.  

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