Easter Egger Light Colored -- Available Now

Easter Egger Light Colored -- Available Now


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This little girls are anything except for the traditional black and tan looking Easter Eggers.  They can be white/orange, white/black, or white/black/orange.  They are a lighter colored Easter Egger chickie but still lay fabulous tasting eggs!  

Easter eggers are a mixture from several friendly breeds of chickens.  People love them because the friendly chicks grow up to be friendly hens that lay a lot of colored eggs.  Easter eggers can lay eggs that are tan, blue, blue / green, or pink.  Whatever color they first lay will be the color they always lay.  The majority of them lay blue and blue / green eggs...which are large and delicious!  

This friendly chickie is one of the most popular ones for backyard farms.  It free ranges well, and gets along with the other chickies in the flock.  They are pretty and their different coloring makes it easy to tell them apart from your other breeds.