Lavender Rose -- Coop Ready

Lavender Rose -- Coop Ready


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This is an order for Coop Ready Birds.  They may not have hatched yet, and will be ready the amount of weeks you select after their hatch date.

This super sweet, chubby cheeked chickie will steal your heart.  Such a wonderful addition to any flock.  She is a gorgeous lavender color, and a breed we created ourselves from our gorgeous lavender hens.  Gentle and sweet disposition, she is friendly, active and a good forager.

What color will her eggs be?  We do not know.  What are we hoping for?  A light violet/lavender colored egg.  Only time will tell.  We are keeping dozens of this beauty for our flock until they are old enough that we can let you know the egg color.  In the meantime, we are selling just a few of these in multiple age ranges so our adventurous customers can embark on this egg color journey with us.