Polish Crested Bantam -- DNA Sexed

Polish Crested Bantam -- DNA Sexed


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Crested Polish chickies carry a remarkable crest of feathers atop their head.  They look like well dressed ladies, wearing feather hats that wave in the breeze while adorning their cheerful, sometimes wacky personalities with finery.   These gorgeous little bantam birds do well in a flock with other bantams, like silkies and d'uccles.  They are kept mainly as pets, and while they do lay eggs, they are on the smaller side and less frequent as other breeds.  

Polish chickies can be exceptionally beautiful.  They are a bantam chicken, so they do not get as big as standard chickens...and their eggs are more on a medium size.  With gorgeous crests, striking personalities, and gentle nature these beauties love to rule the roost.