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Sex: Female

Age (weeks): 16+

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I have to admit, I have one of the sweetest pens ever in my mixed bantam pen.  They are so friendly, that even all the roosters get along with each other and people.  The girls are gorgeous, and the combination of breeds and colors results in the most gorgeous, interesting, sweet and docile birds!  Add a few of these to your bantam pen to spice it up!

These are typically not Purebred.  The roosters are Silkies, Frizzled Cochin, Polish, Houdans and Smooth Cochins.  The hens are Polish, D'uccles, Cochins and Silkies.  Sometimes you can tell as babies what mixture they are...but typically not. You could get purebred silkies, cochins, or a mixture in the order.  It is fun to get several of these for the greatest variety.    

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