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Chickie Breeds You'll Love

Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Marans lay the chocolatey-est, darkest brown and best tasting egg in the world!  Better yet, these birds are gorgeous, calm and friendly.  They don't mind being picked up and are oh so soft!  In the sunshine the black on their feathers looks like a june bug...with so many colors!

55 Flowery Hens

This breed produces one of my most gorgeous hens.  They are sweet, friendly and love being around people.  They start out looking like a brown fluffball...but within weeks change to look like they are covered in 1000 flower petals. As an added bonus, the 55 Flowery Hen lays very large, white eggs.

Cream Legbars

I was dreaming of owning Cream Legbars years before I started my breeding flocks.  From the second I saw the beautiful, deep blue, almost turquoise egg shown in pictures around the web, I knew I needed to have some of these birds.   They are friendly, great layers and wonderful free range foragers.  

Mix and Match Chickie Breeds to Create Your Perfect Flock

One of the things I enjoy most is putting together bundles of chickies that will be happy and do well in your coop.  Feel free to pick one of each breed or several of the same.  Or mix and match standards with bantams. 

We love our chickies, and know you will too!  If you don't see what you are looking for, text or email us!  We always have more chickies running around in the yard then on the pages!