White D'uccle Bantams -- Available Now

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Age (weeks): 16+

Sex: Female

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This sweet, cute, cuddly little bird will easily win a spot in your heart.  D'uccles have a super sweet disposition and gorgeous feathering which makes them so easy to fall in love with.  They love for you to pick them up, and you won't want to put them down.  The queen of my flock is named 'Beauty', because they are so gorgeous to look at.  With feathered feet, beards and beautiful feathers, these docile birds do best in a flock with other bantam birds.  They do not lay many eggs, and their eggs are on the smaller side, but they do love to be mothers and will sit on almost anyone else's eggs!  If you have a bantam flock, add some of these cuties for variety and be prepared to fall in love.

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