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Sex: Female

Age (weeks): 8-12

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Ah, the delightful Splash Marans chicken! With its gorgeous blue-gray speckled plumage, this feathered friend is sure to turn heads and elicit oohs and aahs from onlookers.

Picture this: as the Splash Marans struts about, its feathers ruffle and shimmer in the sunlight, like a glamorous Hollywood starlet on the red carpet. Its bright red comb and wattles add a pop of color to its otherwise subdued palette, like a bold statement necklace against a chic black dress.

And let's not forget the Splash Marans' charming personality! These birds are known for being curious, friendly, and full of personality. They love to scratch and peck around in the dirt, chasing after bugs and other tasty treats. And when they're feeling particularly content, they might even cluck softly to themselves, like they're enjoying a joke.

All in all, the Splash Marans is a true beauty, inside and out. With its stunning appearance and charming demeanor, it's no wonder that these chickens are a favorite among poultry enthusiasts everywhere.

Splash Marans lay a dark colored brown egg.  Not as dark as the Black Copper Maran, but still a lovely dark brown shade.  

Marans are notoriously difficult to sex.  Our guarantee on this breed is only 75% accuracy.  Please take that into account with the quantities ordered, and have a plan for how to rehome any roosters. 

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