Do You Offer a Health Guarantee?

I offer a 48 hour guarantee on chickies kept in appropriate conditions. Since I will be delivering to you, inspect the chickies when you get them.  They should all be running around, active eating and drinking.  If you notice anything off, please contact us immediately.  If the chicken is happy, healthy and the next day is sick, contact us. 

Can I buy just one Chickie?

Chickens are flock animals and like to have the companionship of other chickies.  If you already have chickies and are adding to your flock, contact us to make special arrangements for just one or two.  Otherwise, our minimum is 3 chickies for the health of the birds.  

Can we visit your farm?

We take biosecurity very seriously and do not allow visitors to our farm.  

Do you deliver?

Yes, to San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties.  

What should I bring for the pickup of the chickies?

Please bring a box or pet carrier, with something on the bottom so that the chickies do not slip and get spraddle leg.  Baby chickies need to be kept warm, so be prepared to have your heater on if the temperature is cool. 

Can you deliver to our home?

For most areas, yes.  You can select home delivery at checkout for an additional charge.