Do You Offer a Health Guarantee?

We offer a Live Chickie Policy on baby chickies, ducks, geese, turkeys and guineas shipped through the mail. Please inspect the birds as soon as you receive them.  They should be running around, active eating and drinking.  If you notice anything off, or if you do not receive the amount of live birds that you have ordered, please contact us immediately.  For birds shipped through the mail, we sometimes include extras of the same breeds to fulfill the Live Chickie Policy, in case losses occur.  There is no guarantee on birds that are picked up locally.  If you pick them up locally, please inspect them at that time before you take them home.

Can I buy just one Chickie?

Chickens are flock animals and like to have the companionship of other chickies.  If you already have chickies and are adding to your flock, contact us to make special arrangements for just one or two.  We can sometimes do that with our older birds.  For babies, the minimum is 3 chickies for the health and happiness of the birds.  

Can we visit your farm?

We take biosecurity very seriously and do not allow visitors to our farm. We try to post a lot of pictures regularly with the chickies.   

How do I get my birds?

For 2023, we will be offering both shipping and pickup.  If you are in San Diego, you can meet us to pickup your birds.  Otherwise, we will ship them to your local post office to make it easier for you to pickup. 

Hatches are usually scheduled for the beginning of the week on Monday and Wednesday, and are shipped via USPS Priority Live Express. You should receive your birds within 2 days or less of us shipping, but sometimes they can take 3 days. The post office will call you as soon as the birds are available to be picked up.  Please plan to be there that day to get them.  Birds must be picked up from the Post Office promptly. Orders that are not picked up within 8 hours of arrival at the Post Office, forfeit our Live Chickie Policy.

Baby chickies, ducks, turkeys, guineas, and geese are fragile.  If you are not able to pick them up when they arrive at the Post Office, the Post Office, at their discretion, may rehome them if they are left overnight.  If that occurs, no refund or reshipment will be available.      

If I want to pickup the birdies, what should I bring?  

Please bring a box or pet carrier, with something on the bottom of the container so that the birds have a stable surface to stand on.  Younger birds need to be kept warm, so be prepared to have the heater on in your car, so that they are comfortable. 

Can you deliver to our home?

For older chickies, this is an option.  Select Home Delivery at checkout and we will bring the birds directly to you.  This is an additional charge.  

Do you vaccinate the birds?

At checkout, you can select to have the Mareks vaccination for both bantam and standard chickies.  It is an additional charge.  If you select to have the Mareks vaccination, the chickies will be vaccinated immediately after they hatch.  Ducks, Guineas, Turkeys and Geese do not need vaccination for Mareks.