Live Chickie Policy

Shipping birds through the mail has been done by the Post Office for decades, and is a good way to receive your baby birds. 

We make every effort to ensure your little ones are comfortable for the journey.  Our Live Chickie Policy guarantees that you will receive the number of birds ordered.  We ship using USPS Priority Live Shipping and you will typically receive your order withing 1-3 days of hatch.  We may include a few extra birds in the order to help fulfill this guarantee.  If we do that, they will be of the same breed and gender as other birds in the order.   

If you do experience fewer live birds than you ordered in the shipment, we will try to make it right by replacing the chickies (if available in an appropriate quantity to ship) or refunding the price of the bird (not including shipping and handling).  You must alert us on the day of pickup if you do not receive the amount of live birds ordered, accounting for any extras we may have also shipped.  For local pickup, there is no guarantee after you leave with the birds.  

You must have an adequate area ready for the baby birds to live after you pick them up.  They need a good heat source that can maintain a temperature of at least 100 - 105 degrees for the first 48 hours and a spot where the birds can get away from the heat if needed.  Do not place the food or water under the heat source, as that may discourage the birds from eating and drinking if they are too hot.  

After the birds have arrived in a safe and timely manner, we are not able to refund or replace any birds.  Our Live Chickie Policy only extends to the safe and timely delivery of the birds in the quantity you ordered.  If the shipping was unusually long or unsafe, it must be reported immediately. After the safe and timely delivery of the birds, we are not able to guarantee the mortality or morbidity of the birds.  

When you buy live birds, you have some inherent risk with successfully raising them.  Especially rarer breeds and bantams.  This is a buyer's risk.  Baby birds can perish or fail to do well without any real reason.  That being said, the majority of our customer have a happy, pleasant experience raising babies and experience great success with raising our birds.