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The Broad Breasted White is one of the most widely used commercial breed of turkey used for meat production.  They are the ones that most people buy at the store.  Because their feathers are white, their pin feathers are less visible, which makes them more desirable than the Broad Breasted Bronze, which has darker pin feathers. 

These birds grow very large to upwards 38-40 pounds. They are raised mainly for meat.

Turkeys are so fun to have in the backyard, and sometimes become the favorite of the entire household.  They are gorgeous, friendly and such beautiful birds, especially the males.  

If you are considering adding turkeys to a mixed flock of birds, you will want to research 'blackhead disease', especially if you also have chickens.  This disease can be easily transmitted to turkeys, with fatal consequences.  Many people keep both in their backyard flock successfully, but you will want to make sure you are doing everything possible to minimize turkeys contracting this disease.


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