Upcoming Hatches of Babies for Shipping

These cute baby chickies, turkeys, guineas, geese and duckies are available to order online and shipped to your local post office.  If you are local to Southern California and prefer to have your birdies delivered, you can order under the Upcoming Hatches for Local Pickup or the Available Now sections.

These cute little babies are ready to fly from our coop to yours.  They are sweet, sassy and full of energy.  From day one, they will steal your heart. 

Our birdies are NPIP certified, U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean.  In addition, you can select whether or not to have baby chickies vaccinated at hatch for Mareks.  

Most of our Babies are sold as Female.  For some bantams, and a few others, they are offered as Unsexed (which could be male or female).

If you would like male, contact us before placing the order and we can assist you with adding that to the order.  

Please read our Guaranteed Girls and Straight Run Policies.