Barnvelders -- Coop Ready

Barnvelders -- Coop Ready


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This is an order for Coop Ready Birds.  They may not have hatched yet, and will be ready the amount of weeks you select after their hatch date.

These were the first exotic chicken breed I read about and wanted after my inital flock of chickens.  I looked all over to try to find one, and waited 6 months for one to be shipped to me.  I have always kept one of these in my personal flock because of their good nature and gorgeous coloring. 

Their coloring is so hard to describe.  They look brown from afar, but up close have all types of gorgeous coloring on their feathers.  I like to say it is like Tiffany stained glass, because the feathers looks so spectacular in the sunshine with shades of teal.  They lay about 160 eggs dark brown eggs per year.