Black Copper Marans -- Available Now

Black Copper Marans -- Available Now


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Black Copper Marans lay the chocolatey-est, darkest and best tasting egg in the world!  Better yet, these birds are gorgeous, calm and friendly.  They don't mind being picked up and are oh so soft!  In the sunshine the black on their feathers looks like a june bug...with so many colors!

Marans originally came from south western France, but quickly became a favorite all over the world, especially in England where it is said that James Bond requested eggs only from this chicken breed for breakfast.

Black Copper Marans are gorgeous birds.  The roosters have bright copper coloring on their neck, back, hackles and saddle feathers and tend to be on the quiet and gentle side.  We selectively breed our flocks to produce the darkest eggs, while also only using roosters and hens that measure up to the American Poultry Association breed standard. We are also active members in the Marans of America Club.  In addition, we also work with select breeders who are also breeding to SOP (standard of perfection) and dark, dark egg colors to minimize inbreeding and offer even more babies to you.  

Our Black Copper Marans are from the Bev Davis / Wade Jeane lines.  If you are looking to add a dark egg layer to your backyard chickies, this is a must have.