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Sex: Female

Age (weeks): 6-8

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Feast your eyes on the dazzling Golden Cuckoo Marans chicken, a true treasure of the coop! With its striking golden and black barred feathers, this bird is like a glittering pirate's treasure chest come to life.

As the Golden Cuckoo Marans struts about, its feathers shimmer and shine like the sun on the high seas. Its bright red comb and wattles are like beacons, signaling to all who see it that this bird is a true gem among fowl. 

But don't be fooled by its glamorous appearance - the Golden Cuckoo Marans is no pushover. With its fierce and independent spirit, this chicken is like a pirate queen, unafraid to chart its own course and go after what it wants. Whether it's hunting for bugs, sunbathing in the yard, or strutting its stuff for an admiring audience, the Golden Cuckoo Marans does everything with style and panache.  A true treasure among chickens.  

The Golden Cuckoo Marans lays a dark brown egg.  Not as dark as the Black Copper Marans, but still very respectable shades of brown. 

Marans are notoriously difficult to sex.  Our guarantee on this breed is only 75% accuracy.  Please take that into account with the quantities ordered, and have a plan for how to rehome any roosters. 

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