Jubilee Orpington -- Coop Ready -- Female

Jubilee Orpington -- Coop Ready -- Female


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This is an order for Coop Ready Birds.  They may not have hatched yet, and will be ready the amount of weeks you select after their hatch date.

If you love sweet Orpington chickies, you'll want a Jubilee Orpington for your flock! 

The Jubilee Orpington Chicken was introduced by William Cook’s family in 1897. It was created to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It was believed that they were a cross between a Spangled Old English Game, Dorkings, and Buff Orpingtons, though some believe that the Speckled Sussex could have had a strong influence on it.

Their feather color pattern is very complex and can take up to 18 months to finish. They have a mahogany ground color with black spangles with white tips at the end. Their beak, legs, and feet are white. Earlobes, face, comb, and wattles are red and their eyes also. These chickens are great for their size and temperament. They are a decent brown egg layer. A great addition to your flock.