Olive Eggers -- Coop Ready

Olive Eggers -- Coop Ready


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This is an order for Coop Ready Birds.  They may not have hatched yet, and will be ready the amount of weeks you select after their hatch date.

Here is a combination that will give you a beautiful bird who is friendly and lays olive eggs!  These Olive Eggers are a cross between Cream Legbar roosters and Welsummer hens.  They lay a beautiful sage colored olive egg over 95% of the time.  

I like to have Olive Eggers in with my other colored egg laying birds.  I love the dark green eggs, which are usually very large and delicious!

Note:  Olive Eggers are not purebreds.  While the majority of them will lay an Olive colored egg, about 5% will lay an egg that can be tan, brown or blue-ish.