Olive Eggers -- Coop Ready

Olive Eggers -- Coop Ready


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Here is a combination that will give you a beautiful bird who is friendly and lays olive eggs!  These are first and second generation chicks that have been bred from our best bloodlines for both the rooster and the hen.  We have limited quantities of these birds, so you may want to email if you really want one and find they are constantly sold out on the website.

These are a cross between our Black Copper Marans and Cuckoo Marans roosters / Easter Eggers and Cream Legbar hens.  Also between our Cream Legbar roosters and our Black Copper Marans hens. 

The offspring can look like a Marans, Easter Egger, Cream Legbar...but mainly a cross between them.  They can have beards, muffs and crests...or not.  And their eggs will range from light olive to dark olive in color.  

Note:  Olive Eggers are not purebreds.  While the majority of them will lay an Olive colored egg, about 10% will lay an egg that can be tan, brown or blue-ish.