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Age (weeks): 0-2

Sex: Straight Run

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I accidentally bought a Sebright, when I passed a bin of bantam chickies and couldn't resist buying a few for my personal bantam pen.  The little Sebright I received was so tiny.  I couldn't believe it.  I thought at first she must be a D'uccle because of her size.  I popped her in with my D'uccles and didn't think anything of it, until a while later, when I noticed she had some of the prettiest markings I'd ever seen.  Like the Silver and Gold Laced Wyandottes, but a teeny tiny bird.  I started researching Gold and Silver D'uccles, but I couldn't find that breed online.  Somehow she ended up in some of my pictures for the D'uccles, and many people saw her, and fell in love with her...wanting to buy the Black and White D'uccle.  

I started researching what she could be...and found out this little teacup of sweetness was a Sebright!  Sebrights are full of sass and spunk.  Don't let their tiny size fool you.  They are so gorgeous running around the yard, and they don't mind running up to you so you can pick them up and admire them.  I love my little Sebrights, as they can really brighten your day!  

Sebrights are a beautiful little bird, but more for ornamental purposes than eggs.  They lay 50-60 tiny eggs per year, and are such a joy to have in your flock.

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