White Leghorn -- Available Now

White Leghorn -- Available Now


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White Leghorns are the workhorse when it comes to egg laying.  Almost all other breeds are compared to them, because they lay well over 300 eggs per year.  These birds are on the smaller side, and can be some of your friendliest birds, if you let them.  

The very first hen I ever owned was a White Leghorn.  When I started with chickies, I began with 4.  3 of them became roosters, and one was our little girl, Ms. Twiggy.  She was so friendly that she always followed you around and wanted to be held.  Since then, I always try to keep at least one White Leghorn in my personal egg laying flock.  

If you are looking for large, white eggs, almost year round, that taste so much better than store bought eggs, add one or two White Leghorns to your flock.